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10 things that made me happy, part 105

1. An entire late afternoon spent at the waterpark in WEM. OH YEAH.

2. The sidecar at oh-so-hipster Three Boars Eatery in Edmonton was epically amazing, as was the food. 

3. The white wine sangria at Container Bar might just be my new fave… (sorry, O&A!)

4. Chance meetings with pretty cool out-of-towners who explained to me the meaning of tall glass, breezy, and bevro.

5. I split a large order of McDonald’s fries with J and they were really really good. Total memories of first year university and having dinner at McDs.

6. Sunday Night Dinner Series with awesome peeps.

7. Now that Stampede is over, men in Calgary are back to wearing suits. Suits > jeans.

8. Pulling a dress out of my closet that I wasn’t sure I really liked and realizing it’s all kinds of awesome. 

9. Daily friend dates <3

10. Spending the afternoon at my old haunt, deVille. I missed you!

This week, when you most need it, you’ll be able to find a small place inside of you that’s as hard as a diamond and as bright as the sun. This week, when it really matters, you can find a corner of your heart that truly knows your own worth, that can protect your from all darkness. This is a week for believing in your own bright magic. This is a week for standing up against everything that would have you stay quiet and everything that would have you be small.

Happy Monday, readers. And thanks, Madame Clairevoyant.

This is a week for nurturing the goodness inside you in every way you can. It’s a week for treating yourself with all of the compassion you can find. It’s a week for taking some risks, too, but only the ones that will let you grow, only the ones that can help you live. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t wind yourself too tight. Go a little easy on yourself. Spend your days cooking and eating with people you love. Spend your days reading stories with happy endings. Spend your days staring up at the sky.

Cooking and eating with people I love sounds rad. Via Madame Clairevoyant.

10 things that made me happy, Stampede edition!


(Thanks to Jacqui for this epic photo!)

1. Getting to see Bryan Adams in concert with fabulous peeps in 30C weather! 

2. Finally getting to catch up with B!

3. Losing my old shitty sunglasses, which allowed me to buy a new fabulous pair of pink-tinged aviators.

4. The hot hot days of summer.

5. Phone calls when you least expect them.

6. Shrimp orzo salad, morning, noon, and night.

7. I made it to spin class three days this week - w00t!

8. Afternoon pampering sessions at skoah.

9. Neighbourhood hipster haunt Container Bar is finally open! Bring your vinyl!

10. Only one more Stampede event and then I can clean my apartment, cook, and relax again! Yahoo!

When you walk out your door each morning, you can find new ways to see and new ways to live, if you look. You’ll be able to understand so many strange languages, so many secret codes. Things you’ve been struggling with will give way and become easier, more manageable, small enough to hold in your hand. Write your wishes down on paper and watch them become poetry; watch them become magic. Call your friends and tell them your secrets. Listen to the crickets outside your house at night. Watch the fireflies. Watch the golden moon.

Have a great week, readers. (Via Madame Clairevoyant)

10 things that made me happy, part 104

No reason for this gif except that it and Happy Endings rock.

1. Catching up with L over patio drinks after she was gone for an entire weekend. Don’t ever leave me again! :)

2. PACKWOOD GRAND. What an amazing experience

3. I successfully wore the hell out of those candy striped platforms, until the end of the night when a rogue rock sent me stumbling. It was bound to happen.

4. Oh, a little city-wide festival called the Calgary Stampede starts today. Yahoo!

5. I successfully put on my own fake lashes. I still miss my makeup gal Meagan though (come back soon!).

6. I also successful pinned my hair up and it didn’t fall out. I’m learning, little by little :)

7. I’ve met some really cool people this week thanks to Stmpdr, Diner en Blanc, and Packwood Grand

8. A leisurely stroll through Ramsay for a car2go proved to be absolutely gorgeous.

9. Spending Sunday evening with my mom and Wilma.

10. SUMMAHTIME. It was a long winter; let’s rock this summer!

This is a week for living in small moments of kindness and small moments of joy. This can be a week for living in colors and textures and dreams. You don’t need to seek out stories that are bigger than this; you don’t need to make your own life more complicated than it already is. Take walks down the streets you like best; take walks through places that make you believe in the magic of your own life. Read the books that are the kindest, the most generous. Be good to the people you love.

via the Rumblr’s Madame Clairevoyant.