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This is a week for weird honesty; this is a week for trusting yourself to find a way through the space between what you have and what you need. Try to be brave enough to say your own true name out loud. Try to be brave enough to go where you haven’t been before. Try to be brave enough to believe in the quiet glowing truth in your blood. Listen to the rhythm more than the tune. Listen to the bass more than the melody. Let the world carry you.

Let’s get weird, Pisceans.

10 things that made me happy, part 109

1. After a LOT of time away from the kitchen, I started cooking again! Check out my fabulous pizza. I also made this, which was good. Next time I’m using soba noodles as a base.

2. I had my first week of work and it was wonderful.

3. My morning commute (40 minute walk through downtown) is an amazing way to start the day. If feels so great to be part of the buzz again!

4. An amazing 3-day visit with L&F.

5. The sun was shining this morning! (It’s not anymore. Sigh.)

6. Getting to wear some of my dresses that have been patiently waiting in my closet for me to get a new job.

7. FBOFW is online for your Saturday morning reading pleasure.

8. Ethnographic experiments with K.

9. I survived a week without naps! I might have to rectify that today though :)

10. All the wonderful people in my life. Love you. <3

10 things that made me happy, part 108 (funemployment edition!)

At the Adults Only Night at Telus Spark… balloons and LEDs and wine!

Today is my last day of an extended funemployment stint. It’s been five and a half months filled with personal and professional growth, tons of friend dates, and many hours of plie-ing! As great as the break was, I’m super stoked to be heading back to work in a position that takes my career forward and will certainly challenge me. Especially the 6am wake up call. 

1. Driving a car that has air conditioning. I love my 2002 Focus, but driving to interior BC and back in a plush car with climate control was pretty exciting. It’s the little things.

2. Catching up with family—many of whom I haven’t seen in months—over the past couple of weeks.

3. Sleeping in and naps.

4. Catching up with two really amazing friends this week over very leisurely lunch and dinner.

5. Outdoor waterslides. Enough said.

6. Leisurely sushi lunches for one.

7. I washed my windows yesterday and was shocked at how little time it took and how much it improved my morning routine (breakfast in the living room).

8. Homemade bread for breakfast is so good.

9. Great things happening for the wonderful people in my life makes me really really happy.

10. Gin cocktails are making me quite happy right now!

This is a week for finding your wildest bravery. This is a week for feeling your heart beat. It’s okay to risk embarrassment, it’s okay to risk falling, it’s okay to feel so much ambition you can hardly breathe, so much desire you can hardly see. Let the bright future swell like the ocean. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s okay if you don’t know the rules. It’s okay to put your dignity on the line sometimes. It’s okay to be humbled by your wild desires.

Have a good week, fellow Pisceans! (Madame Clairevoyant)

10 things that made me happy, part 107

We made love to some amazing cocktails on Monday.

1. I officially accepted a job offer and am back in the ranks of the employed! :D

2. An impromptu raid of K’s closet + photoshoot + dancing in her living room with three amazing gals.

3. The gin & tonic menu at Container Bar is a poem.

4. Great makeup and awesome friends to spend the evening with at MadeWithLove Calgary.

5. The ramen at Shiki Menya is as good as everybody says it is.

6. Rearranging furniture.

7. I cooked this and this and they were both delicious.

8. Today is the 12 year anniversary of moving to Calgary; it feels like home!

9. Making it through spin classes; I’m always shocked!

10. Naps are still making me really happy!

10 things that made me happy, part 106


1. Max from Happy Endings is on The Mindy Project, guys!!

2. Mussels and cocktails and pinot blanc and more cocktails with T.

3. I keep convincing more people to attend Made With Love on Monday. (Seriously, are you guys all coming??)

4. Searching for makeup looks for Monday’s event! 

5. I BBQ’d twice this week for lunch. Kinda rad.

6. Impromptu coffee dates.

7. I wore my hair curly most of the week and survived.

8. I’m not totally minding this cooler weather for a couple of days; there’s only so much +30 a northern Alberta girl can take.

9. I’m really getting back into gin and tonics thanks to baller gin and kick ass tonic.

10. Naps. Glorious.

Tuesday musings

Pop lip was the look for Made With Love 2013; 2014 is gonna be a makeup masterpiece!

  • It’s Christmas in July, i.e., Made With Love Calgary, next Monday! This means cocktails, food, friends, and best of all: hair and makeup with the talented Meagan!
  • I finally bought myself a case for my phone. That’s right, there are people out there who make cases for BlackBerrys! :D
  • The Mindy Project is pretty much da bomb. There are a million and one cameos from some great actors from my favourite shows.
  • I did a one-day roadtrip to Edmonton last week (waterpark!) and while I had fun (it’s impossible to not laugh while catching air on a waterslide), it made me appreciate Calgary even more.
  • My friends are seriously the best. The best! <3