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Birthday brainstorming


(My kind of party. Via Pinterest.)

What is it about this time of year (i.e., Krista’s-birthday-season) and discovering new grey hairs? Sucks. To distract myself, I’ve been dreaming about my birthday wishlist:

  • Hot stone massages every two weeks.
  • A month-long working holiday in NYC, i.e., I would work remotely during the day and live like a local at night.
  • A clothing budget that allows for at least one new dress a month.
  • Leather pants/leggings.
  • A permanent solution to grey hair.
  • An early, long, and warm summer.
  • A long weekend in Seattle with A.
  • A dark chocolate cake with mint chocolate icing that I don’t have to make myself.
  • A shout-out on Twitter from JT.

Let the countdown to March 14 begin!

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